This is a very belated attempt to put into words how thankful we are to you for your work with us last year. We came to you at the limits of our sanity with Emily clearly in pain and not settling at all, and with the local ‘official’ avenues for help not willing to do anything with us. Within a week of putting into action your plan Emily had already started to show improvement. One revolution was the advice to separate the use of gaviscon and ranitidine. Your regular consultations and on-call support gave us the confidence to tackle Emily’s issues and establish the routines we still have in place today. Emily has grown into the bright happy girl that was hidden by the pain of reflux. She often rolls over when put down for a nap and almost instantly drops off to sleep. Grace is also doing well and we still use the bedtime routines you suggested for her.

To put it simply we could not be the happy family we are without you. THANK YOU!

Ben, Linda, Grace and Emily

Linda Russell is a wonderful lady, she made me feel so good about my parenting skills. My son Lucas is doing fab at nursery and sleeping great at the night. His development in everything has come on in leaps and bounds. Also Ismini is doing well now and sleeping fine during the day, a strict three hours and not in the too distant future we will be cutting it down again.

Mum Cyprus

I just thought I’d drop you an email to add to your list of testimonials, documenting the changes to our life since your visit.As you know Graham and I were utterly astonished by how quickly the boys fell into their new routine – I think they were just waiting on us to take charge! They are both in bed for 7pm (without a fight) and most nights sleep through until 7am. When they do waken in the wee small hours I am literally out of bed for less than 2 minutes to settle them again, or find a lost dummy. The sleeping through the night thing is fabulous but it is the knock-on effect on our waking hours that has made the biggest difference to our lives. The boys are much happier now – we go out more frequently (made possible by my lack of exhaustion as well as their new nap time). Graham and I have time to spend together and also to do things like see our friends and go to the gym. I am much happier in myself and my relationship with the boys and my husband has become enjoyable once again. I have also gained a huge amount of confidence in my parenting ability, as I feel now that I am the one in control, rather than being dictated to by the mini evil tyrants! All-in-all you have completley transformed our lives and I absolutely cannot express my gratitude enough. 

Mum of twins Fife

A very big thank you Linda.Blair had never been a good sleeper from the day he was born. Getting Blair to sleep was a battle. I had to rock him to sleep and then tip toe out his room. It improved slightly as he got older but was always a struggle to get him to sleep and he was an early riser. When he was seventeen months old things deteriorated and he was taking an hour to go over then getting up once or twice during the night and taking another forty minutes to an hour to go over again then up early. We moved him from his cot to a bed in the hope this would help but it didnt change anything. As my husband works away during the week and i was dealing with it on my own I was becoming very worn and down. My mum read about the “sleeplady”  and gave me the number to contact Linda.
I went to the sleep clinic at Ceramic Experience Ocean Terminal and met with Linda.Linda discussed with me Blairs sleep routines, what time he had his nap during the day and when and how he went to sleep at night.She then talked to me of how to use the sleepy chair to get some separation between Blair and I and to help Blair  learn to get himself to sleep.Then discussed stategies to help with his waking during the night and his 5-5.30am starts.I was very anxious at first and told Linda as I found it hard to listen to Blair cry. Linda was very supportive and talked of the long term benefits to both Blair and myself.Linda said not to start the routines till I felt strong enough and to get help from my family to support me.
The first night there were a lot of tears from Blair and me but I did it and felt proud of myself. By the third night there were no tears and he stayed in his bed to fall asleep!Linda was a great support over the next couple of weeks and I knew I could text phone her to ask any questions or get support. Blair now goes to bed at 7.20pm and is asleep by 7.45pm and stays in his bed till the “magic light ” comes on at 6.45am!! I now have time for me in the evenings so I can relax.
I cannot praise or thank Linda enough for everytihng she has done. I am so grateful. Thank you!!!!   

Sleep Clinic Visit from a Mum in Edinburgh

Thank you very much for coming to talk to the Twins Club First Year Support Group. I know that everyone found it a very interesting discussion and we appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to give us the benefit of your experience. 

Twins Club

Thankyou so much for your help, I was feeling so overwhelmed and didnt have anyone to talk to so I thank you so much for being here for a total stranger.

Mum Amsterdam

I hope that this email reaches you.  I am writing to say a very big thank you for all the help that you gave myself, Peter, Millie and Eve with Eve’s sleep problems.  Around this time of year, your thoughts obviously turn to reflection on the past year and Peter and I were just discussing the immense changes that have come about this year with regard to Eve, we both feel that the biggest change came about down to the support we received from yourself with regard to her sleep training.  At this time, last year I would never have imagined that I would be having decent sleep as her sleep was so chronic. 

Mum Glasgow

As far as I am concerned, Linda has been an absolute God Send to me & I have recommended her to so many people. It took me a few nights to get used to not having to wake up through the night, but now I feel like a different person. Thank you so much Linda, I will never forget how you have helped us. 

Mum Edinburgh

Many Thanks for all your help and advice over the past few months. It has made a huge difference.  

Mum Bucks

You have given us the best Christmas presents ever, sleep ! 

Mum Glasgow

Thank you so much for all your help and kindness, you are great. 

Mum London

Just to say a ‘huge thank you’. Charlie is sleeping through the night. 

Mum Spain

Thank you for your support, things are going well and we won’t hesitate to get in touch again if we need to. 

Mum Dubai

You have helped all three of us so much, thank you wonderful sleep lady. 

Mum New York

Thanks for all your help and support over the last few months, couldn’t have done it without you. 

Mum Edinburgh

You will only wish you had found out about Linda earlier. 

Mum Edinburgh

We now have a child who never slept to one that is sleeping 13 hours a night. 

Mum St Andrews

It was just so wonderful to be able to off load our frustrations on someone who understood 

Mum Aberdeen

Hey presto, we now have a child who eats

Mum Dundee

Having Linda in our house and seeing the problems we were worried about was invaluable 

Mum London

Linda assessed the situation and helped me establish a routine.  

Mum Hongkong

Linda’s approach is very practical and tailor-made to our family.  

Mum Glasgow

Linda works with parents without the child being aware of her input.  

Mum Edinburgh

The greatest value of having a parent coach has been the increased confidence that we have gained. 

Mum New York

We did not need a psychiatrist … we needed someone with experience. 

Mum Edinburgh

With Linda’s guidance we were able to step back and stop panicking. 

Mum Edinburgh

We learnt to listen to our baby and to be calm when he didn’t do things in the way we had read he should. 

Mum Hongkong

One of the best things was that as soon as we phoned Linda, she came the next night, we did not have to wait for ages, that really helped. 

Mum Edinburgh

I hold back no reservations, I recommend Linda to all my friends and colleagues. 

Mum Edinburgh

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