Early Morning Waker

Early Morning Waker

Lewis is now 15 months old but for as long as I can remember he was getting up between 5&6am. This eventually takes its toll especially when is getting nearer and nearer to 5am and you think its soon going to be 4:?? on the clock – aaaaaaah!. I decided to call Linda to see if she could be of any help.

The week prior to meeting up with Linda I kept a note of lewis’ sleeping pattern. I had always tried to keep Lewis is a good routine. So he slept for 30 minutes in the morning and 2-2.5 hours in the afternoon with bedtime being about 7.30pm. He was a really good eater so I know he wasn’t waking because he was hungry. One thing I was nervous about was that he had a dummy and I wondered if she would suggest taking this of him.

After a chat with Linda she agreed that he was in a good routine and that eating was not an issue. She thought we should tweak the sleeps slightly giving him 15 minutes in the morning (wakening no later that 9.45am) and 1.5 hrs in the afternoon (wakening no later than 2.30pm). She also suggested getting a digital timer and attaching a light to it. This should be set to 5.45am and Lewis should not be lifted before this. When the light came on I should point at the light and tell him it was time to get up. Hopefully eventually he would associate the light with getting up. As he started to sleep to 5.45am I could move the timer forward 15 mins and so on until he slept to 7.

This sounded great although I was dubious that it would work given that he had never slept past 6am. Linda thought it would take 4-10 days. I started a few days later and kept to Lindas suggestions to the letter. After 2 weeks he was sleeping until about 6.15am but wasn’t moving forward any more and then he had two days where he went back to 5.10am. He wasn’t very well at the point and I think this was the reason. Linda kept in contact with me throughout this time and was very supportive. Eventually she suggested that I take the dummy off Lewis as she thought he was waking up looking for it and by the time he found it he was wide awake.

I was going to do this but when it came time for his morning sleep he was inconsolable and I gave in and let him have it. I am not sure what happened from this point on but he started waking up later and later and by 4 days later he was sleeping until 7.20am. I couldn’t believe it and Linda was elated.

This lasted for about a week and then we had two mornings where he woke up at 6am again. I spoke to Linda again who gave me some advise. But the following morning it was back to 7am again. I know that there will be days when he wakes up early and I can cope with this as now I know what to do.

Getting 2 hours longer in my bed has made me a different person. I have so much more energy. So please do not give up hope. IT DOES WORK. There may be hiccups along the way but keep at it and with Lindas guidance and support you will get there. We are proof of that.

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