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It’s lockdown, is now the right time to tackle sleep ?

This is a question most parents are asking me, without hesitation I would say yes !

Life for most of you will have slowed down, no nursery or school runs, no clubs and classes and both parents working from home.

Normal day to day life is hard without sleep, however, surviving on minimal sleep while living and working together without a break could become both emotionally and physically challenging.

Children thrive on routine and structure, it helps make them feel secure.

If your little ones have structure to their day you will be able to plan your day, if they sleep well at night you will find your daytimes are less challenging, if you are all sleeping well, working together as a team with your partner will be more achievable ( lack of sleep can be one of the main challenges in relationships ).

You now have time to focus on sleep, you have time to work together as a team without your usual day to day interruptions, so, now is the time to think about working at getting lots more sleep !

Sleep clinics

For now I am no longer running my sleep clinics at JoyTots Cafe in Edinburgh or 3 House Club in London, however I am still offering sleep clinic appointments over the phone, Skype or FaceTime.

Appointments are one to one, last an hour and include two follow up calls. £70.00

Six weeks support

I am continuing to offer my more intense support where we work together for six weeks.

We arrange a time to have a full consultation , I take a full history from birth to where you are now, and then I work very closely with you over six weeks helping you all to get lots more sleep. £350.00

My working hours are Monday – Friday 10.00am – 4.00pm.

About Linda

I completed my training at Norland Nursery College in Hungerford qualifying as a nursery nurse in 1983, later going on to train as a hospital play specialist.

As a nanny and maternity nurse all my charges slept well. I have three children of my own and none of them were good sleepers. I now have total empathy with families whose children do not sleep.

I am passionate about parenting and feel it is all to easy to lose your way as a parent. Parenting first and foremost should be fun.

The Sleep Lady

After more than 35 years working with the NHS and in education, I began to work independently with families here in Edinburgh in 2003. The success of the methods I use has now spread to the four corners of the world.

I help concerned parents with all aspects of parenting: new baby routines, faddy eaters, toilet training, temper tantrums, weaning and shyness.

Most of my work with families starts with a sleep issue.

The name, the Sleep Lady, was given to me by one of the little girls I worked with. I phoned to speak to her mother and she called to her mother shouting “mummy, it’s my sleep lady!”

I contribute regularly to The Scotsman newspaper, Scotland Parent magazine, The Edinburgh Childcare and School Guide and have appeared on BBC Scotland TV and radio. I also contribute to the Gina Ford Contended Baby website.

Comments from happy parents

“This is a very belated attempt to put into words how thankful we are to you for your work with us last year. We came to you at the limits of our sanity with Emily clearly in pain and not settling at all, and with the local ‘official’ avenues for help not willing to do anything with us. Within a week of putting into action your plan Emily had already started to show improvement. One revolution was the advice to separate the use of Gaviscon and Ranitidine. Your regular consultations and on-call support gave us the confidence to tackle Emily’s issues and establish the routines we still have in place today. Emily has grown into the bright happy girl that was hidden by the pain of reflux. She often rolls over when put down for a nap and almost instantly drops off to sleep. Grace is also doing well and we still use the bedtime routines you suggested for her.

To put it simply we could not be the happy family we are without you. THANK YOU!”

“Whatever your reasons for contacting Linda, sleep problems; potty training; eating problems; tantrums, she has the most wonderful reassuring way of making you feel, very quickly, that everything will be alright and your sanity will soon be restored. I relaxed as soon as Linda walked in the door”

“Linda looks at each child individually, and emphasises that all babies are different”

“I was permanently exhausted, couldn’t cope in the day and dreaded night times.  During the course of a two-hour consultation, Linda examined our case and drew up an action plan”

“If you are not happy at leaving your baby to cry, Linda will work with you explaining the positive and negative aspects of her tactics, which are based on her many years of experience”

“Linda has a very gently manner and is very approachable and makes you feel completely at ease.”

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Sleep Clinics

Regular Sleep Clinics for parents held at Joytots Cafe in Edinburgh

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Home Visit Support

Help at home, when you most need it! Let’s get a plan together and get your wee one into a routine, and you back to bed! In 4-6 weeks things will be right as rain.

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Telephone and Internet Support

If you’d prefer to stay in touch by phone or Skype and emails, I can help you put together a plan for improvement, with 4-6 weeks of support whenever you need it.

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