I spend time getting to know you and your child and take full history going back to your pregnancy and to where you are at the time of our consultation.

I chat to you about your feeding history, diet ( yours and your little ones), your babies weight and routine ( if you have one).

This information is important to me as to helps me to establish where we need to start on helping you all get lots more sleep.


Sleep Clinics (One to one consultations, face to face)


Joytots Cafe on Ferry Road www.joytots.com 11.00am – 4.00pm
One to one, face to face appointments, a written plan and two follow up calls £80.00.


    3 House Club St Johns wood NW8 www.3houeclub.com 11.30am – 4.00pm
    One to one, face to face appointments, a written plan and  six follow up calls £275.00


    Telephone sleep clinics are ONLY on Tuesdays. If you can’t make it into my clinics we can arrange to speak on a Tuesday by phone, Skype or FaceTime. One to one appointments, a written plan and six follow up calls £220.00


    Telephone and Home Visits

    Six weeks unlimited support

    Monday – Friday 10.00am – 4.00pm. Consultations last 1.5 – 2 hours, you get a personal plan which I email to you after our consultation and six weeks of unlimited telephone and text support £395.00

    Home visits ( Edinburgh and London)

    Monday to Friday 10.00 – 4.00pm. I come and visit you in your own home, I am with you for as ‘long as needed’. I can see the whole sleep  set up ( bedrooms/cots/beds etc) and only leave you when we feel we have a plan you feel is the right one for you all.

    After my visit I email you a personal plan and then we work together for the next six to twelve weeks with follow up home visits when needed. £450.00 in Edinburgh £550.00 in London


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      Sleep Clinics

      Regular Sleep Clinics for parents held at Joytots Cafe in Edinburgh

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      Home Visit Support

      Help at home, when you most need it! Let’s get a plan together and get your wee one into a routine, and you back to bed! In 4-6 weeks things will be right as rain.

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      Telephone and Internet Support

      If you’d prefer to stay in touch by phone or Skype and emails, I can help you put together a plan for improvement, with 4-6 weeks of support whenever you need it.

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