I work with families all over the world helping them to get lots more sleep !

I specialise in routines, night waking, early morning wakers,all night feeding, bed hopping and night terrors.

I work extensively with families whose children suffer from silent reflux and food sensitivities, including Cows Milk Intolerances and Allergies (CMPA and CMPI)

I offer Home Visits and Sleep Clinics to families who live in Edinburgh and Telephone, FaceTime and Skype support to families everywhere else !

I cannot promise no crying, however I do promise to make a plan to suit you and your family that fits in with your parenting style.

I do not promote shutting a door on your little one and letting them cry it out.

Every plan I make is individually made for you as a family.

I make sure your child is ready for sleep training before we start

I work in little steps at a time.

I am here to support you as parents, however your child is my priority, I want them to love going to bed for the rest of their lives .

Teaching your little ones to fall asleep independently is a as important as teaching them to swim or cross the road.

Sleep clinic £80.00 

Booking Essential. Call Linda on 07827 930 830 to book a place.

Sleep clinics are on TUESDAYS at Joytots Cafe in Edinburgh https://www.joytots.com/ And The first Friday of every (For families who cannot make my sleep clinic I offer phone or FaceTime aleep clinic appointments on Tuesdays)

  • One to one appointment
  • Child friendly environment, come on your own or come as a family
  • Written plan to take away with you
  • Two follow up calls ( follow up calls to be used within three months of our initial appointment)

Telephone consultation to include Four follow up calls and a detailed personalised plan following our consultation.£295.00

  • Telephone appointments offer lots of flexibility. I am available Monday – Friday 10.30 -4.30
  • Phone, Skype or FaceTime options
  • Telephone consultations offer the opportunity for both parents to join in with the appointments

Payment by card over the phone after our consultation

Home visit plus six weeks unlimited support plus a detailed personalised plan following our consultation.(Home visits within half an hour of Edinburgh only)£450.00

LONDON FAMILIES  Every six to eight weeks I visit families in London and offer home visits . Home visits cost £650.00 and include unlimitted telephone support for twelve weeks.

  •  Home visits offer lots of flexibility, I am available Monday – Friday 10.30 -3.30
  • Home visits offer the opportunity for both parents to join in with the appointment
  • I can see the whole home set up (where the children sleep etc.)
  • Unlimited follow up calls (Monday – Friday 10.30 -3.30)
  • The option of up two follow up home visits

Payment by card over the phone after our consultation 

Follow on support after our initial time of working together 

Single phone call up to one hour £60.00.00

Three months unlimited telephone support  £350.00

Six months unlimited telephone support £450.00

Twelve months unlimited telephone support £75.00

“Hello I just to say that I have totally and utterly begun to take for granted the change that has happened to our lives. We put him in his cot awake every night with a sleepy grin on his face and he falls asleep  at some point after we leave him. I don’t know when because we rarely hear a thing from him. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover how you helped us. Thank you.”

I thought I would email to say thank you for saving Christmas for us! After 4 months of sleep deprivation we are once again a happy, relaxed family. It’s been about 5 nights of minor murmurs but without us going in to ellen, so fingers crossed you have cracked it for us. Thank you so much for your help.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since Harry and I met with you at Ocean Terminal and apart from the first night – where we used your tips – we’ve had 12 hr sleep throughs… Unbelievable. We changed our daytime routine as you suggested & it’s worked a treat. We are ever so grateful and it’s made a huge difference to our whole family. I’ve recommended you to everyone – NCT friends, people at my classes, even a couple of women on the bus!

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Sleep Clinics

Regular Sleep Clinics for parents held at Joytots Cafe in Edinburgh

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Home Visit Support

Help at home, when you most need it! Let’s get a plan together and get your wee one into a routine, and you back to bed! In 4-6 weeks things will be right as rain.

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Telephone and Internet Support

If you’d prefer to stay in touch by phone or Skype and emails, I can help you put together a plan for improvement, with 4-6 weeks of support whenever you need it.

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