Stop dreaming of a good nights sleep and make sure you get one

To all the people who say just leave your baby to cry, just feed baby when he wakes, put ear plugs in, you must be doing something wrong……… thank you……… but let me tell you this YOU ARE WRONG

Every exhausted mum or dad you see out there will have tried everything to get a few extra precious hours of sleep, they will have tried crying it out, they will have rocked and rocked their baby to sleep and they will have fed their baby three times, but their baby will still wake up on and of through out the night.

If that exhausted mum had the energy she may tell you how she is feeling, but probably not, she will say I am exhausted, he kept me up all night,but we are doing ok. She won’t say, I dread going out, I am not being the parent I want to be, she won’t say my self esteem and confidence are gone, my partner and I are bickering because we don’t agree on how to get the baby to sleep. She won’t say I resent my partner because I am left with my baby all day while he goes to work.

Being a tired parent is lonely and at times there seems to be no way out.

Each day I am going to post a blog on a sleep tip, a case study or talk about a family I have seen that day.

Today I went to do a group talk to eight mums, with children ranging from 5 months to three years old.

We had a range of sleep issues from night terrors and anxiety about ghosts under the bed. We had a wee one who woke all night long demanding juice and we had a baby who woke most nights about four in the morning.

Each one of those mums thought they were on their own, that everyone else’s child slept better than theirs, however as we shared experiences they began to chat to each other and suddenly a support branch was opened up. We shared ideas, we put plans in place and we agreed to follow up with each other.

Never feel pressurised into putting a sleep plan in place, you only need to do something about sleep if you are not getting enough good quality sleep. If you are ALL getting enough sleep for you ALL to function well the next day then you do not have a sleep issue.

Once you do want to tackle your sleep issue put a plan in place, find someone to talk it through with and someone who will support you as you work through your plan.

Make a promise to yourself that you will try to work through your plan for five days before you make any changes (or give in,) and then get started…

Remember there will never be a perfect time or day to start so just start when YOU FEEL READY..

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