Someone please listen, my baby has silent reflux

Two emails today from two very distressed mummies, and a final home visit . All in a days work for me, sadly ! One baby is nine weeks the others are eight and eighteen months. They all have undiagnosed silent reflux.

Why is it that so many babies are not diagnosed sooner with the very distressing condition of silent reflux. One in five babies is born with silent reflux, only one in five hundred is correctly diagnosed with silent reflux.There is a strong link between undiagnosed silent reflux and post natal depression).

Why is it often left until a family has reached breaking point before anyone will listen.

My mum that I saw today for our final home visit, had reached the stage where she was fainting at work, having panic attacks and at times vomiting with anxiety, crying most mornings…
She was so convinced something was wrong with her, she had had brain scan, an endoscopy and blood tests ( recommended by her GP)
Her son is eighteen months old.
He had undiagnosed reflux, he had not slept a night since he was born. His parents had tried everything , feeding him to sleep, rocking him to sleep, going to sleep in their bed and driving around for hours to get him to sleep. They have an older son who is a great sleeper.

In desperation they called me in ( no one ever calls me when hey are having a good time! )

I took a full history going back to her pregnancy ( he was incredibly hiccupy and jerky in the womb).
I looked at the early weeks, ( terrible breast feeder, would not latch on and then would demand feed all through the day and night). He cried inconsolably unable to be comforted for hours on end.

Car journeys were out of the question, and nappy changing had to be done in an upright position as lying on his back would make him hysterical.

I looked at his weaning history and diet.( Weaning started early on recommendation of the health visitor to see if he was crying because he was hungry) Weaning made everything much worst ,the nights became more unsettled and his demand for milk increased, he would gulp at his milk frantically draining a bottle in seconds ( mum had given up breast feeding to see if he would be more settled n formula)
At eighteen months, he still sneezed regularly, rubbed his eyes and pulled his ears and hair and when he woke up, he woke up with a roar or a scream, he never woke a happily just babbled. The only way he would settle at night would be with milk, up to five times a night. His dirty nappies were constantly soft or explosive.

I suggested we make a list of his symptoms, arrange to see the GP and ask to go onto baby gaviscon for a month. I also suggested going onto a completely bland diet for ten days, and keeping a food diary.

We would put in place a sleep plan once we knew he was comfortable.

Six weeks later the whole family has changed. Mum has only had one panic attack this week, her little boy sleeps eleven hours a night. He does not have feeds through the night and he is now enjoying his food.

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