Telephone and Internet Support

Telephone Support

For parents who live outside Edinburgh I offer a telephone service, which works the same as my home visits except we don’t meet each other, however with Skype that is now not an impossibility !! I work with families all over the world.

My four to six week telephone support service is ideal for parents who may be experiencing any of the following.

Silent Reflux, your little one  may have been diagnosed with silent reflux but you are now unsure how to manage silent reflux, looking your diet if you are breast feeding or your little ones diet if they are on solids, difficulty feeding , medication, sleep, or habits that may have formed while managing silent reflux that you feel you need help to change.

For new parents who just want help putting a routine in place.

For parents who feel they have tried everything !

For parents who think they have cracked sleep but then through usual childhood illnesses like teething or colds, or anew baby brother or sister has arrived and you are now sliding back into sleepless nights.

Some parents find that they have struggled for so long to manage sleep that their confidence to try anything new needs a helping hand !

Exhaustion may have set in and you feel that you are in survival mode, a precious extra twenty minutes of sleep is better than no sleep at all.

You and your partner are arguing with each other with both of you having different ideas on how to manage sleep, resentfulness between each other may be beginning to creep in.

We arrange a time to speak and then spend a long time chatting through the whole history of you and your child’s sleep, diet, routine, and health from birth to the present time. We then come up with a plan that you feel happy and confident about, and then continue to work very closely together for the next four to six weeks, with unlimited telephone and internet support turning the sleep issue around..

Fees for my four to six week telephone support service Monday to Friday between 10.00am and 4.00pm Uk time £345.00


Other Telephone support services;

Silent Reflux Consultation. £65.00

You may think your baby has silent reflux, you may feel no one is listening to you but your baby ticks all the reflux symptoms boxes, I can offer you advice on approaching your doctor, managing silent reflux, diet linked to reflux, feeding your reflux baby and lots more

General Consultation £65.00

Ideal if you would just to chat over your sleep dilemma, you may just need pointing in a direction, a listening ear or reassuring what you are doing is right..

Consultation plus two follow up calls over six weeks £90.00

These consultations are great for families whose little ones may be bed hoppers or have silent reflux or they may just need their day time routine tweaking or you are ready to drop that night feed !