I work with families all over the world helping them to get lots more sleep !

I specialise in routines, night waking, early morning wakers,all night feeding, bed hopping and night terrors.

I work extensively with families whose children suffer from silent reflux and food sensitivities, including Cows Milk Intolerances and Allergies (CMPA and CMPI)

I offer Home Visits and Sleep Clinics to families who live in Edinburgh and Telephone, FaceTime and Skype support to families everywhere else !

I cannot promise no crying, however I do promise to make a plan to suit you and your family that fits in with your parenting style.

I do not promote shutting a door on your little one and letting them cry it out.

Every plan I make is individually made for you as a family.

I make sure your child is ready for sleep training before we start

I work in little steps at a time.

I am here to support you as parents, however your child is my priority, I want them to love going to bed for the rest of their lives .

Teaching your little ones to fall asleep independently is a as important as teaching them to swim or cross the road.


Sleep clinic £80.00 

Booking Essential. Call Linda on 07827 930 830 to book a place.

Sleep clinics are on TUESDAYS at Joytots Cafe in Edinburgh https://www.joytots.com/ And The first Friday of every (For families who cannot make my sleep clinic I offer phone or FaceTime aleep clinic appointments on Tuesdays)

  • One to one appointment
  • Child friendly environment, come on your own or come as a family
  • Written plan to take away with you
  • Two follow up calls ( follow up calls to be used within three months of our initial appointment)


Telephone consultation to include six weeks unlimited support £395.00

  • Telephone appointments offer lots of flexibility. I am available Monday – Friday 10.30 -4.30
  • Phone, Skype or FaceTime options
  • Telephone consultations offer the opportunity for both parents to join in with the appointments
  • A personal plan will be emailed to you after our appointment.
  • No limit to the amount of follow up calls you use (Monday – Friday 10.30 -3.30)


Home visit plus six weeks unlimited support £450.00 (Home visits within half an hour of Edinburgh only)

  •  Home visits offer lots of flexibility, I am available Monday – Friday 10.30 -3.30
  • Home visits offer the opportunity for both parents to join in with the appointment
  • I can see the whole home set up (where the children sleep etc.)
  • A personal plan will be given to you at the end of our appointment.
  • Unlimited follow up calls (Monday – Friday 10.30 -3.30)
  • The option of up two follow up home visits

LONDON FAMILIES  Every six to eight weeks I visit families in London and offer home visits . Home visits cost £650.00 and include unlimitted telephone support for eight weeks.


“Hello I just to say that I have totally and utterly begun to take for granted the change that has happened to our lives. We put him in his cot awake every night with a sleepy grin on his face and he falls asleep  at some point after we leave him. I don’t know when because we rarely hear a thing from him. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover how you helped us. Thank you.”

I thought I would email to say thank you for saving Christmas for us! After 4 months of sleep deprivation we are once again a happy, relaxed family. It’s been about 5 nights of minor murmurs but without us going in to ellen, so fingers crossed you have cracked it for us. Thank you so much for your help.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since Harry and I met with you at Ocean Terminal and apart from the first night – where we used your tips – we’ve had 12 hr sleep throughs… Unbelievable. We changed our daytime routine as you suggested & it’s worked a treat. We are ever so grateful and it’s made a huge difference to our whole family. I’ve recommended you to everyone – NCT friends, people at my classes, even a couple of women on the bus!




Thank you for getting in touch, I am currently away on holiday. However I do check my emails every day and will respond to you as soon as I can. I am back at work on the 2nd of May 2019. My next sleep clinic at Joytots Cafe will be on May the 7th.